05 April 2015 by Amit Dattani

Protection - Authority brings protection in the form of discipline. Discipline is portrayed to be harsh or extreme but it is actually the greatest prevention mechanism for mistakes in leadership. Straight and narrow paths are better than the wide destructive ones.

Freedom - Authority brings freedom not chains. Restrictions are not [...]

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23 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

Hunger - Is the driving force that keeps you motivated through the dry periods of your business. The maths is easy with increase but the execution is difficult and hunger keeps you on the straight and narrow path for success. Stay hungry through all seasons and the new mindset that [...]

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18 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

UAE and China are heading for a boost in trade partnership after the announcement of $34m trade rise in the first 9 months of last year. Dubai will host a 7 day trade exhibition event in order to help facilitate this and ties will grow which is already being driven [...]

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17 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

Comparisons - Comparing yourself to another in your market is a grave mistake as it takes you away from your unique potential and it also leaves you thinking you aren't up to the mark. Comparing may start off healthy but it always ends up with internal battles.

Thought patterns - The [...]

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14 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

Accept advice - It seems simple but advise from the right people can take you to another level in your business. Be sure to be humble even if the advise is difficult to stomach. If you can't take that advise be sure that your application to drive your business to [...]

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12 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

As Egypt prepare to host an international business event in preparation to help the recovery of their fallen economy, it is the Gulf officials and governments, which are pressuring hundreds of organisations to attend and invest. $23B has already come from UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but under the current [...]

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09 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

Be honest about who you are - You or your organisation may not be perfect and you may well have made some mistakes in the past. Do not let shame and embarrassment stop you from being honest as it will definitely affect the future. The business world is small and [...]

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04 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

Saudi Arabia predicted much more than a stabilisation of the oil market, they went one step further and spoke bullishly about recovery and profits. What did we all expect from the nation that refused to cut production and rightly so albeit at the cost of lesser nations within OPEC and [...]

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03 March 2015 by Amit Dattani

Below are five accusations that can ruin your organisation and projects.

The vision is too small - People on the outside will comment on the matters of the internal. Watch what you talk about and who you talk with, as for every great vision there is always someone who wants to [...]

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25 February 2015 by Amit Dattani

After 6-8 months of price and energy wars, OPEC via the Saudi's seem to have won the battle for power. The battle had been subtle and there was definitely a collision with the US Shale production which has dramatically decreased in output as reported a few weeks ago.

What does this [...]

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