01 October 2015 by Amit Dattani

Having doubt is a death sentence to your business. I couldn't have thought of a better way of starting this post but I really do believe it, because I have seen it in my own life. Doubt cripples and brings you to poverty and the amount of transactions I have [...]

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27 September 2015 by Amit Dattani

We live in a fast food society where we need and want everything at the tips of our fingers and whilst technology and advanced culture has provided this today it can eliminate the mindset of planning.

Planning is important and cannot be rushed. The process of planning requires a lot of [...]

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24 September 2015 by Amit Dattani

I briefly mentioned in my previous post (The importance of having a vision) the issue of setting goals and targets as they are linked and today I will give some focus as to why it is important. There are many reasons but I draw on my experience and talk about [...]

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22 September 2015 by Amit Dattani

Vision is a buzzword that has been around for many years now in business and leadership circles yet many never grasp the importance of it. Vision isn't just a random word that media personalities come up with to sound important or relevant it's a way of life and can shape [...]

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06 August 2015 by Amit Dattani

Below I briefly explain why relationships are key for any business during transactions. In a selfish, covetous society the below is rare and incredibly difficult to pull off despite the simple nature of it.

Growing together - One of the most underrated qualities in business is the ability to grow with [...]

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27 July 2015 by Amit Dattani

What other people think - Caring what other people think is the norm in society especially in a time where the competition for success is extremely high. It is completely natural to want to know what other people think about you, your ventures, your successes and failures but they are [...]

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22 July 2015 by Amit Dattani

The FOUR principles which I mention below have been instrumental in me making the right decision going forward as an Entrepreneur. Soak in them, deepen them uniquely for yourself and your organisation.

Business plan - Your business plan will be a map of how you want to go from A to [...]

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13 July 2015 by Amit Dattani

The big question is- 'What is Leadership?' Many answers can be derived from this as it is such a vast area. I am going to explore THREE critical ideas which are drawn from my personal experiences on the subject of 'What is Leadership?'. There is nothing complicated or mind-boggling about [...]

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06 July 2015 by Amit Dattani

Leadership teams are usually placed in a difficult environment and are required to fulfil potential goals and targets under tremendous amounts of pressure. Markets are extremely competitive and in a results orientated business, the goods must always be delivered. Apart from the obvious there are always major personality clashes within [...]

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30 June 2015 by Amit Dattani

Criticism is an area that is feared greatly by a large number of people, whether in the work place, in a place of business and even social circles. There are people who are fearful of receiving criticism for many reasons including identity issues and confidence. Below I look at three [...]

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