20 December 2014 by Amit Dattani

Earlier in the week I wrote about how leaders need to take responsibility for the current oil war and today I will continue the theme of taking responsibility, from more of a personal view.

The (5) keys to taking responsibility are:

Taking ownership


Labourers are few

Grace vs Mistakes

Judgment on Leaders

We must take [...]

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18 December 2014 by Amit Dattani

You would have noticed the pattern with my writing over the last few months as I have commented on the energy crisis and it has come to the light that this energy war, as I call it has hit Russia like a bullet. The Russian Rouble has crashed because of [...]

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15 December 2014 by Amit Dattani

One of the greatest drawbacks that CEOs or leaders of organisation have is the inability to take criticism constructively on a regular basis. I have noted that in the early days of start ups and organisations, all suggestions are welcomed and there are no such 'yes men'. However, as popularity [...]

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13 December 2014 by Amit Dattani

We live in a profit driven society where people, corporates and organisations are dedicated to make sales and create followers. Why? Because creating followers keeps sales high and brings a sense of dedication and loyalty but it also shows a lack of peace from leadership. Again, why? Leaders threaten leadership [...]

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10 December 2014 by Amit Dattani

Instagram, the popular photosharing app for smart devices, which was recently purchased by social media giant Facebook has now passed Twitter for it's usage. Instagram has 300 million active users every month in comparison to twitter's 284 million active monthly users.

Instagram have generally been slow to add new features to [...]

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