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We'll be back in 2014 with the next stage of our vision.
Meanwhile we're still blogging and you can contact Amit via the social media links above.
How Can I Help is an institution that has a simple ethos: We want to help turn your vision into a reality! The aim through our abundant set of unique resources is to bring world class solutions for your needs and problems. Our focus is to help facilitate your vision and help you grow effectively and efficiently. Our promise is to invest in you uniquely and help achieve what seems to be problematic or impossible.
24 October 2014 by AmitDattani

As ISIS continue to seize and dominate Syria and Iraq, the US are now releasing information about the finances being [...]

16 October 2014 by AmitDattani

Recently, I have written a few articles on the energy crisis and I will continue that this week also. The [...]