22 November 2014 by Amit Dattani

I recently completed a consultation service for a firm that has been in serious trouble for the last 4 years. I was hired to provide a restructure of the leadership and to bring stability to it's customer base, as they continue to provide their regular services. As I spent time [...]

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19 November 2014 by Amit Dattani

The headline says it all doesn't it? Or does it really? Scientists are known to be the ultimate authority and they wouldn't ever lie, or would they? Well, that is another debate for another time but as we all know science is full of theories as well groundbreaking undeniable proofs. [...]

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17 November 2014 by Amit Dattani

Ignorance is bliss according to instagram and twitter memes that get retweeted or posted on my personal timeline! I have also considered ignorance to be a wish for peace, perhaps more wishful thinking! No but seriously, running an international corporation for 9 years whilst facilitating others in their quest for [...]

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15 November 2014 by Amit Dattani

Growth is inevitable with any successful vision, product and correct execution but it's what happens afterwards that determines whether you or your organisation will crash, explode or plateau! That is why growing sensibly, alongside a form of stability is the most effective way of moving forward in business and leadership.

The [...]

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12 November 2014 by Amit Dattani

I can finally stop writing about the current oil and gas crisis, that has been going on for a very long time between Russia and Ukraine. Last week, there was an 11th hour miracle as reported by all the major media outlets. That very miracle is that Russia and Ukraine [...]

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